What The Country is Talking About This Week

Jim Mullen’s Hot Sheet – What The Country is Talking About This Week

1. {1995} Kids born in 1977 are old enough to vote. That should scare
you more than any movie you’ll see this year.
2. {Why cats paint} So people who can’t read will buy books like this.
3. {Nell} Jodie Foster plays a barefoot woman raised in the wilderness
who can barely talk. Who says there are no good parts for women.
4. {Diana in Vail} Where does she find the time?
5. {Delta Burke} She’s back on TV as a member of Congress. Quite a
drop from playing a loudmouthed, brain-dead decorator.
6. {Pentium Chips} What’s big the fuss?
7. {Legends of the Fall} Three brothers love one woman on a Montana
ranch. If their names are Adam, Hoss and Little Joe, I’ve seen it
8. {Publisher’s Clearing House} How fishy will this look if Newt Gingrich
9. {Konbucha Mushroom Tea} The newest new age fad to cure your ills.
Of course, if the crystals and pyramids had worked, you wouldn’t
need it.
10. {The 104th Congress} Run by conservatives who think government is
too intrusive. Except when it comes to TV, Baseball, sex and prayer.
Then it should butt in.
11. {Richie Rich} How are the people stupid enough to pay Macaulay
Culkin millions smart enough to get the money?
12. {Chechnya} Hasn’t anyone in Russia seen pictures of this place?
It’s like fighting over who gets to live in the town dump.
13. {La Toya Jackson and Mike Tyson} She says she’d like to marry him
before the end of ’95. It’s sad when women have better luck at a
prison than a singles’ bar.
14. {Houseguest} Sinbad moves in with a family to escape mob killers.
Why we don’t call extra space ‘the guest room’.
15. {Cybil Sheperd} On her TV show she plays a minor star trying to
stretch out a lackluster career. Gee, who’d believe that?

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