Two Naked Statues

There were two statues in some ancient city of Greece which had been in existence for centuries. One was a nude male while the other was a nude female. For centuries they had braved the cold weather and the scorching sun. They had witnessed historical events such as Alexander the Great setting out on his conquest of the world, the rise and fall of the Roman empire, etc.

One day an angel who was flying over the city saw the two statues. He was overcome with sorrow for the two and he came down and brought them to life. “Well”, the angel said, “my powers can grant you life for not more than an hour. So you have sixty minutes with you and the time doesn’t begin till I disappear. Make the most of it!”

As soon as the angel disappeared the two just nodded at each other and immediately jumped behind a bush nearby. For nearly fifty five minutes there was a lot of noise, disturbance, screams, leaves and feathers flying around from behind the bush. At the end of fifty five minutes the man said “Well, we have just five minutes left! What more do you reckon we should do?”

“Something more of the same would be divine!” said the woman.

“Alright”, said the man “only this time you hold the pigeons and I shall shit on them!”

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