Top Condom Slogans (2 of 3)

  1. Glove your pecker before you check her
  2. Coat that slimmer before you prime her
  3. Condomize then womanize
  4. Cover old pete then grind her meat
  5. Guard your peter before you meet her
  6. Check your list before you tryst
  7. Wrap your bate before you mate
  8. Can your worm before you squirm
  9. Cover your pipe you dumb ass wipe
  10. Contain your lizard then tickle her gizzard
  11. Bag the mole then do her hole
  12. Cuff your carrot before you share it
  13. Jail your number then call the plumber
  14. Cover your vein then drive her insane
  15. Wrap that pickle then slip her a tickle
  16. Protect your dink then fluff her mink
  17. Restrain your lantern then stick it in her cavern
  18. Hide ole harry then take her cherry
  19. Wrap that spout then bore her out
  20. Conceal your train don’t cause her pain
  21. Guard your bridge then do her ridge
  22. Shroud your trout then make her shout
  23. To make her squat like a turkey, cover your Jerky
  24. Box your blister then poke her in the whiskers
  25. Wrap your spout to catch the trout
  26. Plug your funnel then enter the tunnel
  27. Cover your steamer before you ream her
  28. Protect that fish then dip it in the dish
  29. Contain that bass for a swim in her glass
  30. Be sure to wear it to feed her ferret
  31. Clothe the boner before you hone her
  32. Got no protection? Can’t use your erection!
  33. Cork your pump or you don’t hump
  34. No unwrapped stags get between my legs
  35. Dress that erection to make a deflection
  36. Contain that shanker before you spank her
  37. Cap that seeder before you breed her
  38. Stop the stream before you cream
  39. Secure that ladder then drain your bladder
  40. Protect your screw to catch that glue
  41. Package your meat for a real neat treat
  42. Holster your gun then shootings more fun
  43. Canvas that trailer before you nail her
  44. Garage the tractor then attack her
  45. Net that grass hopper before you pop her
  46. Sock that wanger before you bang her
  47. Pen that rooster, she’ll be much looser
  48. Trim your hardwood then do her real good
  49. Garnish your oak then give her a poke
  50. Pouch your associate then go fornicate
  51. Smother your affiliate before you ejaculate
  52. Confine your fascinate before it regurgitates
  53. Catch that goat before it bloats
  54. Ensnare that barbarian then do her abdomen
  55. Restrain your hammer then wam bam her
  56. Prune that stalk then make her squawk
  57. Wrap that rod then please her bod
  58. Sheath that knife she ain’t your wife
  59. House that bottle then mash her throttle
  60. Sash that hash then thrash that gash

Condoms: Free to 15-24 year olds in Nottingham

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