Top 10 Things You’d Never Hear My Roommate Say

  1. “All I want is a tall glass of milk and all I have is this God-d*mn beer…”
  2. “Barry Manilow is one cool mother-f*cker!”
  3. “You mind if I turn off Law & Order? There’s a movie on Lifetime I wanna watch…”
  4. “My grand-dad finds that offensive.”
  5. “Mind if I replace this poster of Kathy Ireland for this one of Margaret Thatcher?”
  6. “GO BROWNS!”
  7. “I’m beginning to doubt my sexuality…”
  8. “Baywatch is kinda getting old and stupid…”
  9. “No, seriously, I love Dr. Wooster’s class.”
  10. “But I only read it for the articles!”

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