Top 10 Things That’ll Change When Jesse Ventura Becomes Governor

  1. He’ll get in the ring with Hogan to determing the next President
  2. John Randle will become a heavyweight champion of every wrestling organization
  3. The name will be changed to “McMahonSucksLand”
  4. The Twins will move out
  5. Update Minnesota constitution to allow powerbombs as misdemeanor punishment
  6. Update Minnesota constitution to allow powerbombs to stupid legislators
  7. The state bird will be the one Steve Austin gives to Vince McMahon on a regular basis
  8. Ric Flair will be named lieutenant governor (hey, he just lost at Starrcade, what else will he do?)
  9. Start a US-Canada border war with Benoit, Jericho, and the Harts
  10. Curt Hennig will run against him in 2002

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