Top 10 things that are just getting too much press

  1. Latrell Sprewell – Yes, we would all like to choke P.J. Carlesimo. But there’s a term for that…”misdemeanor.”
  2. Lara Croft – Yeah, we see you’re a 36E. But society isn’t ready for digital relationships.
  3. Fidel Castro – disgruntled former ballplayer born 40 years too early. At least he lets the Pope drop by.
  4. Kenneth Starr – nobody cares anymore, Ken. Except for maybe…
  5. Janet Reno – strongest woman in the Justice Dept. since J. Edgar Hoover. Or is she playing a “Crying Game” on us, too?
  6. Paula Jones – “go on, take the money and run.”
  7. Ted Kaczynski – just when we finally spell your name right, you go and plead down. Buttwipe.
  8. Micro$oft – just remove your “e” from our screens and shut up.
  9. Spice Girls – your 15 minutes ran out last year.
  10. Monica Lewinsky – even though she has the prettiest teeth the President ever came across

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