Top 10 Things Professors Say (and what they really mean!)

What the Progessor Says What they mean
10% of your grade is based on class participation. You are putty in my hands.
The tests are all true & false and multiple choice. Questions are straight from the study guide and grad students grade everything.
Do not come to class in the middle of my lecture. I have the attention span of a abalone.
Save all of your questions until the end of class. (same as above)
Let’s have class outside today. I know chili & beans were lunch today.
Two teaching assistants are available to help you. Don’t bug me with your stupid questions.
The term paper is no longer a requirement. There wasn’t enough money in the budget for a TA.
Let’s go over the exam. Half of you failed.
Do not make marks on the quiz copy. I’ve used these same quizzes since 1975.
Attendance is mandatory and will be counted in your grade. I’m so boring nobody would ever show up.

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