Top 10 reasons why Iron City Beer is far superior to all others

  • Made from the great, mineral-rich waters of the Monongahela
  • Free $20 bill that “Joe” slips into every can
  • Every 6-pack has at least one can with Jack Daniels mixed in
  • Instead of hops from the Midwest, it has the Hill District’s own home-grown pot
  • It makes people like Mayor Sophie look like Kathy Ireland; Coors just makes them look like unshaven mountain goats
  • It’s the only beer that has caffeine to offset that damned drunkenness effect that other beers have
  • No “I love you, man” guy!
  • It’s the only beer that’s sponsored by a former running back without felony charges
  • It doesn’t have those damn non-alcoholic versions that nobody ever drinks
  • Pittsburgh, Milwaukee, St. Louis. Need I say more?
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