Top 10 Reactions Of The American People About The Clinton Impeachment Inquiry

  1. “This week’s made-for-TV movie: On My Knees, The Monica Lewinsky story”
  2. “You mean we’re paying these guys to look into Monica giving blowjobs to Clinton?”
  3. “Will this be on Springer?”
  4. “At least it gives Tim Russert and Sam Donaldson something to do”
  5. “When will the movie be released, Mr. Stone?”
  6. “This is the inquiry into Clinton’s adultery, right? What the hell is Henry Hyde doing there, then?
  7. “F*ck that, what’s on Rosey? LINDA TRIPP?
  8. “He just gave her what the other 260 million Americans already have, what’s the big deal?”
  9. “Huh-huh-huh, he said ‘oral sex’, huh-huh-huh”

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