Top 10 Predictions For The 1998 Major League Baseball Playoffs

  1. Sandy Alomar will spit in John Hirschbeck’s face to keep the family tradition alive
  2. Jeffrey Mayer will be banned from any Game 6 for the Yankees
  3. MLB will lift the ban on Mayer when Steinbrenner signs him to a 15-day contract to play right field for “defensive purposes”
  4. Matt Karchner will plunk Sammy Sosa instantly so the Cubs won’t win…but the Cubs still win anyway
  5. The Braves will win the NL pennant…that’s not a prediction, it’s a law of nature
  6. Marlin fans will be bummin’
  7. Randy Johnson will lobby for the Padres to pick up John Kruk (obvious reasons)
  8. The Texas Rangers will be attacked by the Dallas Cowboys for “stealing their karma”
  9. The networks will give credit to George Steinbrenner for the Yankees’ success
  10. The Red Sox will face the Cubs in the World Series, but a grounder will roll between Mo Vaughn’s legs
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