Top 10 People I Can Do Without On This Campus

  1. Foot draggers (see West Hall)
  2. Anyone who calls the Help Desk with a simple problem and gives the entire 30 minute unabridged version of how it happened and all the circumstances surrounding it and what they were wearing at the time, etc.
  3. Guys who wear their girlfriends’ sorority letters
  4. The Trustees — who shall part with their checkbook first? Don’t all rush in at once, now…
  5. English majors who think Win95 is the greatest thing since sliced bread
  6. Freshmen who use AOL Instant Mess-enger and constantly use “hackerz” words (“d00d!”)
  7. Any group that budgets sidewalk chalk
  8. Freshmen sorority pledges who sing outside Eichenauer at 2:00 AM
  9. People constipated in their own morality
  10. Anyone in the Athletics Department who still think the GLIAC is the best place for Westminster

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