Top 10 New Intel Slogans For The Pentium Processor

9.9999973251   It’s a FLAW, Dammit, not a Bug
8.9999163362   It’s Close Enough, We Say So
7.9999414610   Nearly 300 Correct Opcodes
6.9999831538   You Don’t Need to Know What’s Inside
5.9999835137   Redefining the PC–and Mathematics As Well
4.9999999021   We Fixed It, Really
3.9998245917   Division Considered Harmful
2.9991523619   Why Do You Think They Call It *Floating* Point?
1.9999103517   We’re Looking for a Few Good Flaws
0.9999999998   The Errata Inside

Intel’s New campaign…
Intel Inside
Can’t Divide

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