Top 10 Diseases Popular At Westminster

  1. Arner-Gollinger Syndrome (AR-NUR GAWL-IN-GUR) – Inability to stay off Keystone
  2. Equinexcremosis (EH-KWIN-EKS-CREH-MO-SIS) – Stepping on a road apple
  3. Cardioburgis (CAR-DEE-O-BUR-GHIS) – Heart tremors caused by too many TUB burgers
  4. Oculabilitis (AUCK-YOU-LAB-ILL-I-TIS) – Burnt retinas of those who sit in front of a Information Systems Lab computer too long
  5. Pescatosis (PES-KA-TOE-SIS) – That fishy smell on your body that won’t go away caused by touching Brittain Lake
  6. Taggatus (TAG-AT-US) – Hearing loss caused by attending Bill McTaggart classes
  7. Liberalartmajorius (LIB-UR-UL-ART-MA-JUR-I-US) – A fatal disease, sometimes occuring from ignoring a case of Taggatus
  8. Bobstone’s Disease (BOB-STOENZ) – Degenerative brain disease associated with Oculabilitis
  9. Nobailius (NO-BAY-LEE-US) – Getting picked up by Robocop without your wallet on you
  10. Eichenitis (IK-EN-I-TIS) – Hair growing on the palms of lonely Eichenauer men

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