Top 10 Changes I Forsee for 1999

  1. We might just have a decent CS program soon
  2. Keith Olbermann will get pissed at Fox Sports and return to ESPN
  3. The Apocalypse wil occur in Washington when the Whore of Babylon rides into DC on the Serpent (let Babylon=Southern CA, Whore=Monica Lewinsky, The serpent=I’ll leave to your imagination)
  4. I’ll accidentally run rm -rf / as root on some machine
  5. Louie the Budweiser Lizard will be assassinated by the Budweiser Frogs
  6. Jerry Springer will have a live execution on his set
  7. A plane carrying Clinton and Gore crashes on top of the Republican Caucus, killing the next House Speaker and Strom Thurmond, thus making Robert Rubin the New President*
  8. The Colts, Cardinals, and Panthers will all rule the NFL
  9. The Starr Report will be made into a movie by Oliver Stone
  10. Y2K will be revealed as a prank by old COBOL programmers

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