Top 10 Bombshells in THE STARR REPORT

  1. In 1986, Al Gore was replaced with an android
  2. Monica’s pet name for Clinton’s penis is “Skin Force One”
  3. Donna Shalala is actually a bastard daughter of Marge Schott
  4. Hillary and Janet Reno are lovers
  5. Hidden cameras were planted throughout the Oval Orifice Office by Jerry Springer
  6. Monica Lewinsky is actually an agent for the Lebanese Government
  7. Chelsea is actually the brains of the family
  8. Vince Foster was about to squeal on Clinton’s “improper relations” (Paula Jones’ blowjobs)
  9. Yasir Arafat did say to Clinton: “Bill…Goats don’t talk!”
  10. NOTHING!
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