Things Todo At Work

Ways to piddle the day away at work

  1. Worry that your shirt isn’t pressed ‘just the way you like it
  2. Consider the many, many stores you will visit while shoe shopping during lunch
  3. Worship Satan on the bosses’ desk
  4. Pace the bathroom mumbling about not wanting to swim
  5. Dream about being on a secluded desert island with Larry King
  6. Pick up the phone every 15 minutes or so and angrily shout into it to nobody
  7. Sharpen every writing instrument in the supply closet
  8. Rip the guts out of the copier, then put them back in any old way
  9. Continually call the airlines, booking and unbooking flights around the world
  10. Count the number of staples left in the refill box. Again.
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