The Greatest Ever Oxford and Cambridge Boat Race (1912)

The greatest ever Oxford and Cambridge boat race was held in 1912. Both crews sank. Oxford rowed into an early lead but their boat was soon taking water on board.

We decided to make for the river bank” said the cox. Once there they all hopped out, upturned the boat and hopped in again.

At this moment, one of their oarsmen saw a friend and disappeared into the crowd for a chat, “I spotted a chum called Boswell“. He told them on his return.

The cox explained to him that they were having a race, if he didn’t mind getting in. The oarsman expressed no objection, said “goodbye” to Boswell and jumped in.

No sooner were they waterborne again that they saw the Cambridge crew go past. They were, however, swimming as their boat was underwater. By this time the Thames was full of boats and crew members. Rescue boats appeared and the race was abandoned.

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