Top 10 Products That Were Rejected By The Acme Company

Acme Bottled Mexican Water Acme Sulphuric Acid Mouthwash Acme Disintegrating Curling Brooms Acme Joey Buttafuoco Costume Acme Exploding Operating System (later licensed to Micro$oft) Acme Genuine Cactus Underwear Acme Do-It-Yourself Home Triple-Bypass Heart Surgery Kit Acme Dog Turd Novelty (made with real dog turd) Acme Salmon-flavored Instant Breakfast Drink Acme … Continue reading

Billy Crystal-City Slickers

Billy Crystal’s view on developmental psychology from City Slickers (1991) Value this time in your life, kids. ‘Cause this is the time in your life when you still have your choices. It goes by so fast. When you’re a teenager, you think you can do anything and you do. Your … Continue reading

A Letter From Barbie

Chief Executive Officer Mattel, Inc. El Segundo, CA Dear Sir, Listen you little troll, I’ve been helping you out every year, playing at being the perfect Christmas present, wearing skimpy bathing suits in frigid weather, and drowning in fake tea from one too many tea parties, and I hate to … Continue reading