Scientist and the Minah Birds

A scientist at the University of Memphis has discovered part of the secret of eternal life — by use of a special, rather exotic, diet, he has succeeded in prolonging indefinitely the life-span of a group of porpoises. Part of this diet includes the meat of Minah birds, a tropical … Continue reading

The Chain Letter Of St. Paul The Apostle To The Corinthians

The Chain Letter of Paul the Apostle to the Corinthians WITH CHARITY ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE This epistle comes to you from Philippi. Grace be to you and peace. Spiritual gifts will be delivered unto you within four days of receiving this letter–providing you in turn send it on. This … Continue reading

Best Man stuff

_____________ The Best Man’s toast to the bride & groom at my wedding was: “… and, remembering Socrates, who said: ‘By all means, a man should marry. If it succeeds, he will be happy beyond his dreams. If it does not, he will become a Philosopher.’ Here’s hoping we never … Continue reading

The Anit-Chain Letter

This is a chain letter, the anti-chain letter. You will not receive any bad luck by not sending it, nor any good luck by sending it. It is recommended that you send this letter to many of your nearest friends, to encourage them not to send you any more chain … Continue reading

Famous Words

Who said: “It’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.” – Armstrong, Neil Armstrong.   Who said: “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.” – Kennedy, John F. Kennedy.   Who said: “Don’t push me, don’t you … Continue reading