Picture This

The British Government’s policy of socialized medicine has recently been broadened to include a service called “Proxy Fathers”. Under the government plan, any married woman who is unable to become pregnant through the first five years of her marriage may request the service of a proxy father; a government employee … Continue reading


This missionary got sent to evangelize among the Fuzzie Wuzzies on Bongo Bongo but was having little success. He approached the King of the Fuzzie Wuzzies to see what would be necessary to engender his cooperation. The King had seen pictures of European kings and queens sitting on thrones, and … Continue reading

Tickling Trivia

1. What’s in front of a woman and back of a cow? The letter W 2. What’s starts with a C and ends with a T, is hairy, oval, delicious and contains thin whitish liquid? A coconut 3. What’s about 6 inches long, has a vein running down it and … Continue reading