Sunday School Humor

A Sunday School teacher was teaching the importance of love in the home. She illustrated her point by referring to the commandment, “Honor thy father and thy mother.” She then asked if there was a commandment which taught how to treat sisters and brothers. One little boy from a large … Continue reading

this is kind of amusing

A woman approached the Pearly Gates, and Saint Peter asked for her social security number. The woman told him, and Saint Peter typed on his workstation: pearly-gates:~/peter> grep 212-53-6432 /earth/human/status The computer responded: 212-53-6432 Cindy Smith!earth naughty pearly-gates:~/peter> Saint Peter then told her she was eternally damned, and that … Continue reading

The 14 Commandments of the Religious Left (Political)

Rush Limbaugh announced the following on his TV show, June 29. It was reprinted in the July 1, {Washington [DC] Times}. He stated that with all the attacks on the “religious right” by the liberals, it was time to find out what their agenda was, so without further delay, here … Continue reading