Rose – ASCII Art

“M, .mM” IMIm ,mIM” ,MI:”IM,mIMm “IMmm, ,IM::::IM::IM, ,m” “IMMIMMIMm::IM:::::IM””==mm ,mIM” __ ,mIM::::::MIM:::::::IM::::mIMIM” ,mMIMIMIIMIMM::::::::mM::::::::IMIMIMIMMM” IMM:::::::::IMM::::::M::::::::IIM:::::::MM, “IMM::::::::::MM:::M:::::::IM:::::::::::IM, “IMm::::::::IMMM:::::::IM:::::::::::::IM, “Mm:::::::::IM::::::MM::::::::::::::::IM, IM:::::::::IM::::::MM::::::::::::::::::IM, MM::::::::IM:::::::IM::::::::::::::::::IM “IM::::::::IM:::::::IM:::::::::::::::::IM;. “IM::::::::MM::::::::IM::::::::::mmmIMMMMMMMm,. IM::::::::IM:::::::IM::::mIMIMM””””. .. “IMMMM “IM::::::::IM::::::mIMIMM””. . . . . .,mM” “M IMm:::::::IM::::IIMM” . . . . . ..,mMM” “IMMIMIMMIMM::IMM” . . . ._.,mMMMMM” ,IM”. . .”IMIM”. . . .,mMMMMMMMM” ,IM”. … Continue reading

Heroic Failures

THE WORST HOMING PIGEON This historic bird was released in Pembrokeshire in June 1953 and was expected to reach its base that evening. It was returned by post, dead, in a cardboard box eleven years later from Brazil. THE WORST ANIMAL RESCUE During the firemen’s strike of 1978, the British … Continue reading

Smurf; Biological Reproduction and Cultural Development

One of the great mysteries that has puzzled men and women of the current 15-25 year-old generation is the riddle of the smurfs. Where exactly did they come from? How on earth do they reproduce? Where did Papa Smurf come from? Is smucking a real smurf cultural event? Here, after … Continue reading

A Rose is a Rose; Lesser-Known Colours & Their Meanings

Although red is the most common colour of rose given, there are many colours with their own special meanings. The most common are: A PINK ROSE says “I like you.“ A WHITE ROSE says “Let’s be friends.“ A YELLOW ROSE says “I’m from Texas. Wanna go roll in some hay?“ … Continue reading

13 Reasons Why Scooby-Doo Was A Drug-Influenced Cartoon

Shaggy always had the munchies, but he still looked like Axel Rose. Fred, some freak with blue dickie around his neck, was their leader. Like Scrappy Doo wasn’t on speed, give me a break. They all thought the dog was talking. Shaggy always said “like” to the extreme, i.e. “like … Continue reading