Warning Signs of Insanity for Programmers.

Warning Signs of Insanity for Programmers. 1. You stay up all night coding only to realize that you haven’t had any caffine in about 6 hours. 2. You start listening to music and see it properly indented in your head. 3. You think the cleaning lady is sining in tune. … Continue reading

Academic existance?

A DAY IN THE LIFE OF A GRAD STUDENT 6:30 Wake up and lie awake in bed. 6:31 Realize you spent $18 on last night’s dinner, means no eating out for the next 6 weeks. 6:32 Hit snooze button. Go back to sleep. 7:00 Wake up suddenly with heart in … Continue reading

You Have Been On Line to AOL

For those of you not on AOL – they have recently started putting up a message when you’ve been online for 46 minutes making sure you are really there and active. 1 You have been online for 46 minutes. Do you want to stay online? Please respond within 10 min. … Continue reading