The Convert

A Christian Missionary was in Africa. He was walking through the jungle one day going from one village to another, a lion began to chase him. He ran as fast as he could but the lion was closing on him. Finally the missionary stopped and cried out “Dear Lord, please … Continue reading

How to get rid of door-to-door missionaries

How to get rid of Door-to-door Missionaries ————————————– * A chalk outline of a human body on the sidewalk, and a few copies of The Watchtower scattered around… * My mother (a second-generation atheist) used to say (in a very sweet voice): “I’m sorry, I don’t give a damn about … Continue reading


This missionary got sent to evangelize among the Fuzzie Wuzzies on Bongo Bongo but was having little success. He approached the King of the Fuzzie Wuzzies to see what would be necessary to engender his cooperation. The King had seen pictures of European kings and queens sitting on thrones, and … Continue reading