Top 10 Things That Will Auctioned Off Next

Evander Holyfield’s ear Bits and Pieces of a US Hockey Team hotel room A set of banned Minnesota Timberwolves’ too-long shorts The Wilt Chamberlain Condom Collection Prime Ribs and Sirloins from the previous Bevos 100 spit-soaked towels of Jerry Tarkenian Jim McMahon’s acupuncture needles Every commercial John Madden has ever … Continue reading

Top 10 Things That’ll Change When Jesse Ventura Becomes Governor

He’ll get in the ring with Hogan to determing the next President John Randle will become a heavyweight champion of every wrestling organization The name will be changed to “McMahonSucksLand” The Twins will move out Update Minnesota constitution to allow powerbombs as misdemeanor punishment Update Minnesota constitution to allow powerbombs … Continue reading