Lion – ASCII Art

(“`-”-/”).___..–””`-._ `6_ 6 ) `-. ( ).`-.__.`) (_Y_.)’ ._ ) `._ `. “-..-‘ _..`–‘_..-_/ /–‘_.’ ,’ (il).-” (li).’ ((!.-‘ Continue reading

Scientist and the Minah Birds

A scientist at the University of Memphis has discovered part of the secret of eternal life — by use of a special, rather exotic, diet, he has succeeded in prolonging indefinitely the life-span of a group of porpoises. Part of this diet includes the meat of Minah birds, a tropical … Continue reading

Playing Gorilla

An unemployed actor is getting pretty desperate for work. He happens upon this guy from the zoo and he’s looking for actors. The guy explains that they spent so much money on getting the habitat just right, they ran out of money to import the ape they wanted. They want … Continue reading

The Convert

A Christian Missionary was in Africa. He was walking through the jungle one day going from one village to another, a lion began to chase him. He ran as fast as he could but the lion was closing on him. Finally the missionary stopped and cried out “Dear Lord, please … Continue reading

Quotes By Women

I feel convinced that a girl would never let herself be brought to the altar, no, she would probably refuse completely, if she knew *everything*… — Queen Victoria I married below my standards – all women do. — Nancy Astor You meet a lot of smart guys with stupid wives, … Continue reading

Business Joke

TEST YOUR BUSINESS SENSE – thanks to Pat Snider and Gary Guibor You are a major defense contractor, and you are building a gun for the Army that is supposed to be able to shoot down enemy planes. So far, the taxpayers have paid you nearly $2 billion for it, … Continue reading