Bee – ASCII Art

…vvvv)))))). /~~ ,,,c(((((((((((((((((/ /~~c . .vv)))))))))))))))))))“ G_G__ ,,(((KKKK//////////////’ ,Z~__ ‘@,gW@@AKXX~MW,gmmmz==m_. iP,dW@!,A@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@A` ,W@@Ac ]b_.__zf !P~@@@@@*P~b.~+=m@@@*~ g@Ws. ~` ,2W2m. ‘[ [‘~~c’M7 _gW@@A`’s v=XX)====Y- [ [ c/*@@@*~ g@@i /v~ !.!. ‘c7+sg@@@@@s. // ‘c’c ‘c7*X7~~~~ ]/ ~=Xm_ ‘~=(Gm_. Continue reading

Husband and wife finally hear the great news: They aren’t dead

From: Houston Chronicle Date: Monday, Feb. 19, 1996 Title: Husband and wife finally hear the great news: They aren’t dead In a series of bizarre circumstances and incredible coincidences, a south-east Harris County woman was told her husband was dead only to have him walk into the hospital waiting room … Continue reading

Smurf; Biological Reproduction and Cultural Development

One of the great mysteries that has puzzled men and women of the current 15-25 year-old generation is the riddle of the smurfs. Where exactly did they come from? How on earth do they reproduce? Where did Papa Smurf come from? Is smucking a real smurf cultural event? Here, after … Continue reading

If Dr. Seuss Wrote For Star Trek the Next Generation

If Dr. Seuss wrote for Star Trek: the Next Generation… By Dave Fuller Picard: Sigma Indri, that’s the star, So, Data, please, how far? How far? Data: Our ship can get there very fast But still the trip will last and last We’ll have two days til we arrive But … Continue reading

Microsoft Windows for Macintosh Advertising Campaign

I heard that Microsoft is going to come out with a version of Windows for the MacIntosh. I can imagine what the advertisements will be: Are you tired of the user-friendliness of your MacIntosh? Then get Microsoft Windows for MacIntosh, featuring limited on-line help and poor documentation! Why settle for … Continue reading

Gag Headlines

Some gag headlines on how the media would handle the end of the world. USA Today: WE’RE DEAD. Wall Street Journal: DOW JONES PLUMMETS AS WORLD ENDS. National Enquirer: O.J. AND NICOLE, TOGETHER AGAIN. Inc. Magazine: 10 WAYS YOU CAN PROFIT FROM THE APOCALYPSE. Rolling Stone: THE GRATEFUL DEAD REUNION … Continue reading