Budweiser Method

These three guys are in a bar, having a few beers, and checking out the babes as they enter the establishment. One walks in, rather attractive, and they “discuss” her “rating,” which, of course, is on a 1 to 10 scale. One says, “I’d give her a 7… she’s really … Continue reading

blast from past

Who’s On First (Sketch by Bud Abbot and Lou Costello) LOU: I love baseball. When we get to St. Louis, will you tell me the guys’ name on the team so when I go to see them in that St. Louis ball park I’ll be able to know those fellows? … Continue reading

2 men are sitting in a bar……

A little man walks into his favorite bar and sits down to order a beer.He gets his beer and sits at the corner of the bar, quietly drinking his beer. A huge (Bubba Smith-type) guy comes in and sits next to him. All of the sudden the big guy turns … Continue reading

Limerick (poor males)

There once was a fellow named Chris Whose love life was strangely amiss For even with Venus His recalcitrant penis Could seldom do better than t h i s.

Easter Humor

One Sunday late in Lent a Sunday School teacher decided to ask her class what they remembered about Easter. The first little fellow suggested that Easter was when all the family comes to the house and they eat a big turkey and watch football. The teacher suggested that perhaps he … Continue reading