List of Bart Simpsons’ Blackboard Quotations

Episode numbers indicate the blackboard scene used when the episode was shown for the first time; in some cases, the one used in Canada is listed where it was “original” and the USA one was repeated. Note that all quotes were originally in all capital letters, but any punctuation appears … Continue reading

Indignities done to Professor and Mary Ann

As if it weren’t bad enough that The Professor never got a real name. But let’s face it, neither did the Skipper. I haven’t seen a lot of Gilligan’s Island, but it seems that the Skipper and the Professor having technical names instead of personal ones means that artificial hierarchies … Continue reading

Gilligan and the Seven Deadly Sins

The Seven Deadly Sins of Gilligan’s Island theory is quite simple. Each of the seven characters on the island represents each of the seven deadly sins. Now, this theory seems to fit upon initial inspection, there are technical difficulties when you get down to THE MAN himself, Gilligan. Run with … Continue reading