A young couple arrives at a hotel and the desk clerk signs them into the honeymoon suite. 30 minutes later, the groom comes back down stairs and asks the desk clerk, “Is there anything to do around here?” Desk Clerk, “Excuse me, but aren’t you on your honeymoon?” Groom, “Yes?” … Continue reading

Condom Joke

A (nationality-impaired) gentleman went to his local pharmacy to purchase some condoms. After browsing for a bit, he picked a package and took it up to the cash register. The clerk looked at the package and said “That will be $7.95 plus tax.” Our hero, a startled look coming over … Continue reading

Off The Wire & Police Blotter

OFF THE WIRE News We Just Couldn’t Pass Up Rome’s strike-prone Leonardo da Vinci Airport plans to pamper stranded passengers with improved creature comforts — and psychological counseling for the particularly exasperated. Taiwan police have nabbed a man for stealing 31 tons of imported garlic – – — the hottest … Continue reading