Star Wars the Musical

** “Luke” (to the tune of “Lump” by The Presidents of the USA) ** ** New words by Patrick Mines. Luke sat alone on Tatooine, Waiting for something to happen to him. Droids showed up on the moisture farm, They totally confused all the passing jawas. He’s Luke, he’s Luke, … Continue reading

God Rest Ye Unitarians

GOD REST YE UNITARIANS (Author Unknown) 1. God rest ye, Unitarians, Let nothing you dismay! Remember that there is no proof There was a Christmas Day For Christmas really started as A pagan holiday. Oh, glad tidings of reason and fact, Reason and fact. Glad tidings of reason and fact. … Continue reading


Fishheads, Barnes and Barnes 1980 Fishheads fishheads, roly-poly fishheads. Fishheads fishheads, eat them up…YUM! Repeat chorus In the morning, laughing happy fishheads. In the evening, floating in the soup Repeat chorus Ask a fishhead anything you want to. They won’t answer, they can’t talk. Repeat chorus I took a fishhead … Continue reading