125 Reasons Why Chocolate Is Better Than Sex

The average piece of chocolate is at least six inches long. Chocolates stay hard for a week. Chocolate won’t tell you size doesn’t count. Chocolates don’t get too excited. A chocolate never suffers from performance anxiety. Chocolates are easy to pick up. You can fondle chocolates in a supermarket. …and … Continue reading

Forrest Who?

FORREST in EVERYONE’S LIFE Forrest Gump Life is like a Box of chocolates… Forrest Dahmer People are like a box of chocolate, YUM! Forrest Simpson Mmmmm, choolate Forrest the Hun Chocolate all mine! Forrest Simmons Chocolate is bad!, EXERCISE EXERCISE! Forrest Rivera People who like Chocolate..Next on ‘Forrest’ Forrest Jackson … Continue reading

32 Reasons Why Cookie Dough Is Better Than Men

It’s enjoyable hard or soft. It makes a mess too, but it tastes better. It doesn’t mind if you take your anger out on it. You always want to swallow. It won’t complain if you share it with friends. It’s “quick and convenient”. You can enjoy it more than once. … Continue reading