Beer Facts

Beer is apparently cheaper now than it ever was, relative to income. In 1925, a gentleman could spend his weeks pay and get 77 tallies (750 mL bottles). The same gentleman in 1957 could spend his weeks wage on 89 bottles. 1969’s average wage netted 93 bottles of beer, and … Continue reading

Reasons Why Beer is Better Than Cucumbers

Reasons Why Beer is Better than Cucumbers —————————————– You can’t get drunk, no matter how many cucumbers you eat. Beer bottles don’t get sprayed with pesticides Beer bottles don’t shrivel up and grow mouldy if you leave them in the fridge for a month. Beer is always in season. Beer … Continue reading

top 10 signs that your relationship might be in danger

Top Ten Reasons Your Relationship May Be in Danger 10. Your boyfriend wants to nail your sister. 9. Your lesbian girlfriend tells you she’s having Elvis Presley’s love child. 8. One word: Cannibalism. 7. You live in the Midwest, he lives in a world of his own. 6. You wonder … Continue reading