The Thinnest Books

“How to win a presidential election” by Bob Dole. “Things not to do on a first date.” by Hugh Grant “Guide to being accepted” by Dennis Rodman “Why I’m so darn Popular” by the Ayatollah “Guide to marital Bliss” by OJ “How to avoid the temptations of drugs” by the … Continue reading

Top 10 People I Can Do Without On This Campus

Foot draggers (see West Hall) Anyone who calls the Help Desk with a simple problem and gives the entire 30 minute unabridged version of how it happened and all the circumstances surrounding it and what they were wearing at the time, etc. Guys who wear their girlfriends’ sorority letters The … Continue reading

AOL Diskettes

Announcer: Are you sick and tired of having to go out and buy diskettes every other week to back up your files? Of course you are. Well, I’ve got some great news for you!! America Online has begun a new program of shipping out diskettes for people like you and … Continue reading

You Have Been On Line to AOL

For those of you not on AOL – they have recently started putting up a message when you’ve been online for 46 minutes making sure you are really there and active. 1 You have been online for 46 minutes. Do you want to stay online? Please respond within 10 min. … Continue reading