Stupid Horse. (offensive to horses, possibly Indians)


A guy is travelling the wild and wooly west when a band of Indian warriors
capture him. He is tied to a stake and the chief is about to light a fire
under him. The guy yells, “HOLD IT, HOLD IT!!! Could I have one last request
before you burn me at the stake.” The Chief is surprised that this guy would
even dare to make such a request. The chief then says, “So what is your last
request?!?!?” The guy says, “Could I talk to my horse?”

Well the Indian chief is floored by such a request but calls for one of the
braves to bring the guy’s horse. The guy wispers in the horse’s ear, The
horse gallops over the hill and in a couple minutes comes back carrying a
blonde girl on it back. The chief then says “Okay, I’ll give you a half an
hour with the girl.” The several warriors untie the guy, put the guy and girl
in a teepee, half hour later take the guy out, tie him up again.

The chief again goes to light the fire but the guy again says “HOLD IT, HOLD
IT… Can I have another request before you burn me at the stake.” The chief,
getting perturbed says, “Now what is your request??” The guys asks “Can I
talk to my horse again, just one more time.” The chief calls for the horse to
be brought again.

The horse is brought again and again the guy wispers in the horse’s ear. The
horse gallops over a hill and comes back with a burnette girl this time. The
chief says “Okay I’ll give you another half hour with this girl.” The
warriors untie the guy put the guy and girl in the teepee, half an hour goes
by the guy is brought out, and tied to the stake. The chief one more goes to
light the fire.

Again the guy yells, “HOLD IT, HOLD IT, I just want one more request. This
will be the last time. I will not ask for anything more.” The chief is damn
angry but says “Okay, this is it. This is the last thing you can ask for. You
have run out of requests…”

The guy again asks for his horse. A brave brings the horse. The guy grabs
the horse by both sides of the head and shakes it saying, “POSSE, you stupid
horse, POSSE. Read my lips P-O-S-S-E!!!!”


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