You see there was this guy once named Luigi, but he didn’t like
the name so he changed it to Larry. He didn’t really know why he changed
it to Larry, he just did. The good thing was people didn’t pick on
him for his name anymore. The bad thing was they still called him Luigi, and
picked on that name. So Luigi, I mean Larry decided to move so that
maybe people might finally know him by another name besides Luigi. He
moved way far way to somewhere where livestock was used in everyday
language and it didn’t refer to a music concert. Here he was finally
accepted as Larry. People liked him. He even met the girl of his
dreams, Linda. They started dating. Larry was very happy with Linda.
He started thinking into the future, and wanted to get married. So he
proposed to Linda. Linda was surprised (they had only been dating a
short while). She said “Oh, Larry you are great, but I’ve always
wanted to marry a Luigi.” Now Larry, I mean Luigi was shocked so he
quickly replied, “Wait I really am a Luigi, I changed my name so people
would stop making fun of me.” Now we could end this story here and have
Luigi and Linda go bouncing off into the sunset living happily ever
after, but that isn’t any fun, besides we’d have a moral like you should
always be yourself and I don’t really like that. Instead we’re gonna have a
multiple endings. 1.) “Luigi I never really liked you, I was just
using you to make John jealous.” (Good ending, very believable, moral is
women are evil.) 2.) “Sure Larry, like I’m gonna believe that one.” (Good
ending, also believable, moral is Luigi is an idiot.) 3.) “Oh Luigi
lets get married.” Which they do, have several kids, Luigi has a
mid-life crisis and they end up divorced. (Nice ending, believable, moral is
life sucks.) 4.) “Oh Larry, I mean Luigi, I don’t care what your name is
let’s get married.” (Oh yeah right like this one is believable, moral
is life is a dream, WAKE UP.) In the very end Luigi, or Larry, and Linda
die. Well that’s how all life ends. The moral is Chris is an idiot, don’t
mind him.

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