Polish jokes

Q – How did they elect the current Pope?
A – They took a Pole.

Q – How can you tell a Polish coyote?
A – He’s the one who chews off three legs and is still caught in the trap.

Q – What does a polish woman do after sucking cock.
A – Spits out the feathers

Q – Why are there no polish pharmacies?
A – They can’t figure out how to put the little bottles in the typewriter!

Q – How do you sink a polish battleship?
A – You put it in the water.

Q – Why did the newest polish submarine sink?
A – They put on the wrong kind of screen doors!

Q – What do you find in a pole’s nose?
A – Fingerprints.

Q – How do you break a pole’s finger?
A – Hit him in the nose-

Q – Why did 18 Polacks go to the movies?
A – Because the sign said “No one under 17 admitted.”

Q – What happened to the Polish National Library?
A – Someone stole the book.

Q – How far can a Pollock swim?
A – That depends… how far’s the bottom?

Q – Why do polish neighborhoods have a low suicide rate?
A – It’s hard to kill yourself jumping out of a basement window.

Q – Why is semen white and pee yellow?
A – So polish men know if they are coming or going.

Q – Did you hear about the lazy polack?
A – He married a pregnant woman.

Q – Why are there no rectal thermometers in Poland?
A – They cause too much brain damage.

Q – How do polacks count?
A – 1,2,3,another,another,another…

Q – Why did the polish elevator operator lose his job?
A – He forgot the route.

Q – Did you hear about the Polish prostitue who didn’t vote?
A – She didn’t care who got in!

Did you hear about the Polack who thought the Bermuda Triangle was a love
afair in Florida?

Q – Did you hear that half of Poland moved to Italy?
A – They raised the IQ of both countries !

Q – Did you hear about the polish guy who broke his neck raking leaves?
A – He fell out of the tree.

Q – Did you hear about the polish guy who died drinking milk?
A – The cow fell on him!

Q – Did you here about the new improved polish parachutes?
A – They open on impact.

Q – Why did the polish jet liner crash?
A – It ran out of coal.

Q – How can you tell a Polock from an APE?
A – The ape peels the banana before eating it.

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