People who go to college are incredible.

We go to classes. We read and absorb and are comprehensively tested on
heavy amounts of various materials. We sleep very little. We drink
ourselves into oblivion. We kill ourselves with various types of smoke.
We cough and keep smoking. Someone is always sick. Someone it always

We become attached to close friends. We smother each other. We lean too

We think often of the past and want to go back. We know we cannot. We
all have seperate lives, families, backgrounds, and pasts. We live
totally different from how we used to live. We are frustrated and
sometimes want to give up, but we never stop trying. We disregard
health. We eat awful foods. We are forced to think about the future.
We are scared and confused. We reach out for things, yet we don’t find
them. We try to sort out our minds, which are filled with studies,
worrries, problems, memories, emotions–powerful feelings. We wander the
halls looking for happiness.

We hurt–a lot.

We keep going, though, because above all else, we never stop learning,
growing, changing, and most important, dreaming. Dreams keep us going
and they always will. All we can do is be thankful that we have
something to hold onto, like dreams and each other.

Pass this on to your friends.

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