When my parents come to visit, as in these holidays, I get flashbacks of
childhood. Like when I was a kid, my mother had pat answers and special
quips she dished out over and over. One of my least favorites was “Because I
said no.” I remember thinking what an unfair reply that was to a request.
This is my memory of the process:

“Can I spend the night at Vicky’s?”
“Why not?”
“Because I said no.”

Why couldn’t she give me a decent reason when turning down my
requests? She treats me like a child! She never says that to other adults!
Humph!! (sound of feet stomping, door slamming here)
I vowed that when I became a parent, I would not repeat the motherizms I grew
up with, particularly that one. I would provide reasonable explainations to
MY children. Well, I now have children making ridiculous requests and have
come to realize that my memory of the discourse between my mother and I was
probably not complete. Perhaps it went more like this little chat I recently
had with my daughter:

“Can I spend the night at Emily’s?
“Why not?”
“Because it’s a school night.”
“But I can go to school with her tomorrow.”
“No. You’ll be up late.”
“We’ll go to bed early.”
“No. You always stay up late with Emily.”
“Why not? I promise we’ll go to bed early!”
“Why not?”
“Because it’s a school night.”
“But what if we promise to go to bed early?”
“Why not?”
(sound of feet stomping, door slamming here, punctuated with a loud “It’s not
fair!” at the end)

Therein lies the Karma of parenthood.

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