Medical School Quotes

These are actual quotes that I heard first-hand last semester. I thought it might be humorous for you to hear a glimpse of the future (and teachers) of medicine.

  • “The way I see it, I don’t know anything.” –med. student
  • “It’s a powerful thing, vomiting.” –med. student
  • “I sound like I know what I’m talking about, but I don’t.” – pharmacology professor
  • “If I was a woman ….” –female med. student
  • “There are no wrong answers.” –oncology professor
  • “I wouldn’t mind an open book test.” –med. student
  • “I have a feeling that if you know this tomorrow [during the exam] you’ll be 8 points smarter than you are right now.” –hematology professor
  • “I really do think, though, that people who think they’re normal have really big problems.” –med. student
  • “You’ve got to see our compost pile. It’s amazing, man.” –med. student


And one oldie but goody (which I did not hear first hand!):

  • “A finger in the mouth and a finger in the rectum makes a good physician.” – Sir William Osler (famous 19th century physician)


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