Joe Ramirez

Joe Ramirez, 19 years of age, drove to the court house in a New York suburb to face a traffic charge. As his case was about to be called he realized that his parking meter was running out, so he asked the judge for time to feed it. His request was granted.

Joe rushed out and was starting across the road when a policeman grabbed him for jay-walking. He gave Joe a ticket and a long lecture. So long a lecture that a traffic warden got to his car first and gave him a ticket. When he got back into court, the judge had gone to lunch. Joe had to feed the meter until he returned. He was duly fined $5, as he had expected, but when he took out his wallet to pay, he found that the parking fees had left him with only $2. The court clerk accepted the money on a promise that the remainder would be forthcoming and Joe, broke, walked two miles home.

When he arrived at his house, he found a letter on the mat, it read: please report for induction in the U.S. Army….’

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