A young couple arrives at a hotel and the desk clerk signs them into the honeymoon suite.

30 minutes later, the groom comes back down stairs and asks the desk clerk, “Is there anything to do around here?”

Desk Clerk, “Excuse me, but aren’t you on your honeymoon?”

Groom, “Yes?”

DC, “Then why aren’t you upstairs kissing on your new wife?”

G, “Can’t do it – she has pyorrhea and her gums bleed like hell every time we start kissing.”

DC,”OK, so forget about kissing, why aren’t you making love to her?”

G, “Can’t do it – she has gonorrhea and is still taking meds for it, and I forgot my condoms.”

DC,”Wow. What a mess. Have you considered anal sex?”

G, “Yeah, but she has had diarrhea since the rehearsal dinner so it is not currently an option.”

DC, now quite distressed, “Look, I know it is none of my business, but this lady is a mess! Why the hell did you marry her?”

G, “Well, she has worms too, and I love to fish!”

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