When Stevie Ray Vaughn died, he was greeted at the pearly gates
by Jimi Hendrix. Stevie was, needless to say, awestruck, especially
when Jimi showed him around Rock and Roll heaven. They walked by
a room, and inside was Janis Joplin, swimming in Southern Comfort.
“WOW” said Setvie, “that’s Janis Joplin!!” “Yeah” said Jimi. They
next passed a room with Elvis inside, surrounded by bananas and bread,
and he was furiously making fried banana sandwiches. Stevie was, again,
awestruck. The next room contained Jim Morrison with stacks of paper
around him, some laced with acid, others covered by Morrison’s poetry
drivel. Stevie smiled and decided hew was going to enjoy it there.
The next room they passed had Bono (lead singer of U2) inside, and he
was admiring himself in a mirror, doing his hair. “WAIT!” faltered
Stevie, “Bono’s not dead yet!!” “No no no,” said Jimi, “That’s
God, he just thinks he’s Bono!”

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