Happy New Year


* Stop neglecting children; at least learn their names and birthdays

* Read all of the mail from all of the groups I have subscribed to

* Limit my subscriptions of groups to a maximum of fifty

* Back-up 2 gig hard drive weekly; well, maybe at least monthly

* Not rush to any ftp site as soon as I hear of a new Beta

* Insist that all “ten best” lists be strictly limited to ten

* Not buy magazines with AOL disks just to get another 1.44MB disk

* Answer Snail Mail with the same enthusiasm & promptness as e-mail

* Spend less than two hours a day on the Web; on new sites anyway

* Promise when I hear “Where do you want to go today?”, I won’t laugh

* Think of a password other than “password” to use on web sites

* Never “throw” another snowball via e-mail; at least not ’til next year

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