A friend is a person you can trust, who won’t turn away from you: a friend
will be there when you really need someone, and will come to you when they
need help. A friend will listen to you even when they don’t understand or
agree with your feelings; a friend will never try to change you, but
appreciates you for who you are. A friend doesn’t expect too much or give
too little; a friend is someone you can share dreams, hopes, and feelings
with…A friend is a person you can think of and suddenly smile; a friend
doesn’t have to be told that they are special, because they know you feel
that way. A friend will accept your attitudes, ideas, and emotions, even
when their own are different, and will hold your hand when you’re scared.
A friend will be honest with you even when it might hurt, and will forgive
you for the mistakes you make. A friend can never disappoint you, and will
support you and share in your glory. A friend shares responsibility when
you have doubts. A friend always remembers the little things you’ve done,
the times you’ve shared, and the talks you’ve had. A friend will bend over
backwards to help you pick up the pieces when your world falls apart.
A friend is one of life’s most beautiful gifts.

– Luann Auciello

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