Forrest Who? (more)

Forrest Kennedy Ich ein un box of chocolates.
Forrest Gore If global warming continues, the choclates will melt.
Forrest Visa Card … because Hershey Park doesn’t sell any subpar
chocalte and it doesn’t take American Express
Forrest jones So, deion, will it be nutty or regular?
Forrest Jefferson We hold these truths to be self evident that all
men are created equal and endowed by their creator
with certain innalieble rights, among these are
life, liberty, and a box of choclates.
Forrest Washington I can not tell a lie, I ate the choclates.
Forrest Dangerfield I get no choclates.
Forrest Bush Barbra, read my lips: no more choclates.
Forreet Quayle Murphy Brown, bad role model, she ate all the
Forrest Dole Bill Clinton, how would you like me to shove
these choclates right down your g@d d%*n throat?
Forrest Beatty All right Chief choclate lover . . .
Forrest Dracula I have crossed oceans of choclate to be with you.
Forrest Dickens It was the best of choclates, it was the worst of
Forrest Macbeth Life’s but a box of choclates, a poor player who
struts and frets his hour about the stage . . .
Forrest Marley Won’t you help to sing, These songs of choclate,
‘Cause all I ever have, My Hershey’s bar,
My Hershy’s bar.
Forrest Grbac Football is like a box of choclates
Forrest Tarantino When you came pullin’ in here, did you see a sign
outside that said “I’m a box of choclates”?
Mr. Forrest Blonde I don’t give a shit if you’ve got any choclates or
not, but I’m gonna torture you anyway.
Forrest Clapton In a White Room, with black curtains, and no choclates
Forrest Shakespeare II Shall I compare thee to a box of choclates?
Forrest Drebin That’s me, I’ve been eating a box of choclates …
Forrest Bond Hershey’s bar, nutty, not plain.
Forrest Peg Bundy Al, life is a box of choclates.
Forrest Al Bundy Peg, your ass is a box a choclates.
Forrest Wheezer If you want to destroy my choclates
Forrest Kimble I didn’t eat my wife’s choclates.
Forrest Gerard I don’t care.

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