Fears teens have about Christian camps

Top Ten Fears Teens Have About Christian Camps

10. The food will move while I’m not looking.
9. They’ll make us play that stupid relat with the toothpicks and
8. We’ll take a moonlight hike through some poison ivy.
7. They’ll serv beans right before the talent show.
6. We’ll have to wear dorky chips of wood with our names on them.
5. The speacker will be a barely literate football es-football player
who can’t take a joke.
4. There won’t be a panty raid.
3. They’ll find out that Mom wrote my name on my underwear.
2. The bonfire will rage out of control while everybodies head is bowed.
1. I’ll meet a girl/guy who lives in another state, fall in love, end
the week with a big kiss, promise to write, write maybe three leters, and
then meet them ten years later while on vacation and not know what to say.

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