Cool Things About a Car that goes Faster than the Speed of Light

The Top 20 Cool Things About a Car that
Goes Faster than the Speed of Light

20> Sleep ’til noon. Still get to work by 8:00am!

19> Doppler shift makes red traffic lights look green.

18> Breaking laws of physics only a misdemeanor in most

17> Never in car long enough to hear an entire Madonna

16> Carl Sagan and Stephen Hawking keep bugging you to

15> No one can see you pick your nose while you drive.

14> Lunch breaks in Paris, circa 1792.

13> LA to Vegas in 2 nanoseconds.

12> You can stop worrying about being sucked into a black
hole driving home from work.

11> You’ll be so thin while driving it you can even wear
horizontal stripes.

10> That deer in your headlights is actually behind you.

9> Kid from Mentos commercial almost guaranteed to lose
a limb if he tries to duck through back seat.

8> Traffic enforcement limited to cops with PhD’s in
Quantum Physics.

7> Bugs never see you comin’.

6> You can get to the good hookers before Charlie Sheen.

5> Can make a fortune delivering pizza with the slogan
“It’s there before you order or it’s free!”

4> Car makes it from Hollywood to London fast enough to
not arouse suspicions of Elizabeth Hurley.

3> License plate: “Me=mc2”

2> Cigarette butts don’t land in the backseat — they
land in last week!

and the Number 1 Cool Thing About a Car that
Goes Faster than the Speed of Light…

1> Chicks dig it.

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