27) LaLeche League baby bottles
28) Planned Parenthood “Just Say No” buttons
29) Southern Baptist Convention dance cards
30) Amish remote control garage door openers
31) NAACP lawn jockies
32) Marvin Gay’s recording of “Oh, My Papa”
33) ASPCA spurs
34) Tickets to the Annual Hillel Ham Supper
35) The Cliff Notes edition of the Koran
36) A catalog from the Saudi Arabian Victoria’s Secret outlet
37) A copy of Karen Carpenter’s book “Dieting Made Easy”
38) An official “Office of the Mayor of Washington, D.C.”
crack pipe
39) Mia Farrow’s membership card in the Woody Allen Fan Club
40) Greenpeace brand canned dophin meat
41) Official “Rodney King Model” police billy clubs
42) Tickets to the Jewish Anti-Defamation League’s production
of “The Merchant of Venice”
43) A copy of “The Map to the Hollywood Stars’ Homes” with
margin notes by Heidi Fleis
44) A hamburger wrapper from the New Delhi McDonalds outlet
45) A copy of the film “Exodis” with Arabic subtitles
46) Tickets to the new production of “Annie”, starring Newt
Gingrich as Mr. Bumbles.
47) A copy of the Beatle’s song, “Listen, do you want to
hear a secret?” sung by Mrs. Gingrich
48) A copy of the “Jane Fonga’s Special Forces Work Out” video
49) Leona Helmsly’s “Boss of the Year” award
50) Official National Right-To-Life coathangers
51) Tickets to the annual Pinto Owners’ Bonfire and Weenie Roast
52) “American Psychiatric Association National Congress”
souvineer can of mixed nuts
53) Smokey the Bear souvineer BIC lighters

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