Code 9 Phone Call

“This is Brucie Kaufman of Scarsdale, New York”
“Your number please?” asked the operator.
“I’m nine years old.”
“Number please, sir”
“I wanta talk with President Johnson”
“I just want the phone number,” the operator insisted.
“I dunno. My name is Brucie Kaufman.”
“Do you want the party’s address?” the operator asked.
“I think Washington.”
“The area code for Washington is 202. Please hang up and dial that number.”

“Hello, this is Brucie Kaufman of Scarsdale, New York”
“Number please”
“Can I talk with President Johnson, please?”
“Is that the White House exchange, sir?”
“Yes, hello. Shall I try him at the White House?”

“Good afternoon, White House.”
“Go ahead, sir.”
“Good afternoon, Whi__”
“Is President Johnson there?”
“May I ask who is calling, please?”
“Brucie Kaufman.”
“What is the nature of your business?”
“I’m nine.”
“Just a second,” the operator replied. “Mabel, this is Virginia on 84. I have a code number call for the President.”
“Go ahead, Ginny. Switch it to the East Room operator.”

“East Room. Is this code number nine?”
“I’m nine.”
“Name, please.”
“Brucie Kaufman.”
“Do you want the President direct?”
“Is this President Johnson?”
“Not yet, sir. Where are you calling from?”
“I’m home.”
“Is anyone with you?”
“No. I’m playing with my airplanes.”
“Thank you. Just a second.”
“Charlotte, this seems to be a home-base call concerning air power. Can you switch to the Presidential staff?”
“Who is calling?”
“A Mr. Kaufman. Sounds important.”
“Is it a foreign accent?”
“I think so. I don’t recognize it.”
“I’ll switch to Mrs. Lewis. It think the President is in. Do you think it’s Vietnam?”
“Should I ask?”
“Yes, go ahead.”
“Mr. Kaufman?”
“Brucie Kaufman.”
“Is this regarding Vietnam?”
“Where are your airplanes?”
“They’re right here. I have 20 airplanes.”
“Will you hold, please? Thank you. Charlotte? You’re right and he’s got 20 planes ready to go. Get Mrs. Lewis right away.”

“Mrs. Lewis speaking.”
“Go ahead, sir.”
“This is Brucie Kaufman of ____”
“Will you speak to anyone else? I can get you the Defence Department.”
“No, I just wanta talk to President Johnson.”
“I’m trying to reach him now. Can he get in touch with you? Are you staying near the phone?”
“No, I’m going outside with my airplanes.”
“We’ll get him now. Please hold.”
“Mr. President. We have a Vietnam code call. He says the airplanes are ready. Will you take it?”

“Hello, this is President Lyndon Johnson.”
“Hullo, this is Brucie Kaufman of 12 Skylark Lane, Scarsdale, New York.”

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